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About Eco STEAM

The advantages of STEAM education are profound, as it encourages students to think creatively and approach problems with practical solutions. Our STEAM resources, based on VR and G-AI highlight these benefits effectively.

STEAM fosters essential 21st-century skills, empowering students to engage in collaborative exploration and tackle real-world challenges innovatively. This approach nurtures critical thinking and equips students with the tools needed for future success.

About VR Learning Framework

The ECO STEAM framework introduces a comprehensive approach to provide interdisciplinary educational content. Leveraging a web platform enhanced by VR experiences and AI Tools, This framework emphasizes subjects within the ECO STEAM spectrum.

It provides innovative processes, tools and resources designed to facilitate the development of engaging and integrated learning experiences..


Our main objective is to develop an immersive and captivating educational journey for students by utilizing advanced technology within the framework of ECO STEAM.


VR Learning Framework under ECO STEAM combines various approaches to enhance innovation, analytical thinking, and effective problem-solving in education for Eco STEAM Activities.

Eco STEAM Content

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PDF Eco STEAM Lessons

Explore our collection of downloadable PDF files for valuable educational content, guides, and resources to enhance your learning experience. Simply select and download the PDFs that interest you.

Eco STEAM VR Experiences

Discover our Eco STEAM VR Experiences! Explore and learn from an exciting collection of immersive VR experiences focused on ECO STEAM topics. Dive into captivating content that showcases various aspects of ecology, science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics in a stunning virtual reality environment. To fully engage with these experiences, you'll need a cardboard or MetaQuest device. Discover how amazing it is to explore ECO STEAM in VR!.